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Introducing CAIQ-Lite:A New Framework for Cloud Vendor Assessment

The Cloud Security Alliance and Whistic are pleased to release a lighter-weight assessment questionnaire developed to assist cybersecurity professionals efficiently manage cloud vendors.
CAIQ-Lite Overview:
Panel of Hundreds of IT Security Professionals 
CSA Member & Whistic Customer Testing & Feedback
73 Total Questions 16 Control Domains (CCM 3.0.1) Utilization of Proprietary Scoring Algorithm
Download the CAIQ-Lite whitepaper here,  Or Click Here if you would like to download the CAIQ-Lite spreadsheet from The CSA.

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Want to See How To Leverage CAIQ-Lite As Part of a Robust Vendor Risk Management Solution? 

With the Whistic Platform, you can easily identify, assess and track vendor risk throughout the entire lifecycle of a third party relationship.  Adopt a dynamic, automated process that your team and your vendors will be delighted to use. 

Build CAIQ-Lite Into YourSecurity Profile

With the Whistic Security Profile, you can transform questionnaire data, documentation, and team bios into a living security profile that allows you to better prioritize incoming requests and deliver a standardized security review response to targeted recipients. Generate trust from the first interaction and take a strategic approach to security questionnaire responses instead of exhausting resources answering the same questions over and over again.

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